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Small Space Products: Stakmore Expandable Table & Chairs

Dinner party in a small space?  It’s possible with Stakmore’s expanding table and elegant folding chairs.   This solid piece of furniture folds out to the size of a real dining room table, while still tucking conveniently away when company heads home for the night. With 3-in-1 flexibility, Stakmore’s table is a good option for a…

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Downsizing: 7 Tips for Paring Down

Downsizing your home can be daunting, but following some simple tips and tricks can make the transition to smaller living less challenging. If you’re downsizing to a smaller house, you’ll want to pare back your possessions as well, or your new home will feel cramped.    Whether you’re retiring, retooling your expenses or trying to…

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Small Space Cleaning: Straighten Up in Seven Minutes

One joy of living in a small space is cleaning: with a smaller space, there’s simply less to do when it comes to straightening up.  But small homes also come with challenges, because there’s usually no spare rooms to hide your mess. In many small homes, almost everything is on display when guests pop by…

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Housing Trends: Buyers Would Swap Space for Amenities

What do home buyers want?   While homes are getting bigger to cater to more affluent consumers, when it comes to the average home buyer, expectations aren’t so grand. In 2012, the average new house was 2,524 square feet, with 42 percent boasting four or more bedrooms.  But the average consumer reported they wanted 2,226 square…

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Adventures in Tiny Living: Declutter Your Fantasy Self

I love piano music.  I always have.  There is something about an instrument so melodic and thoughtful one moment and so jaunty and drunken the next.  A song can always become a favorite with the simple addition of 88 keys. Which is why it made sense to me, in college, living in a tiny dorm…

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The Lazy Person’s Guide to Getting Rid of Your Stuff

Have you done a massive decluttering and now have a huge pile of unwanted stuff? Are you too busy/lazy/impatient to get rid of the items one by one selling them on Craigslist or Ebay or giving them away to people who will surely cherish them?  Is a yard sale out of the question because it’s…

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