The Lazy Person’s Guide to Getting Rid of Your Stuff

The Lazy Person's Guide to Getting Rid of Your Stuff

Have you done a massive decluttering and now have a huge pile of unwanted stuff? Are you too busy/lazy/impatient to get rid of the items one by one selling them on Craigslist or Ebay or giving them away to people who will surely cherish them?  Is a yard sale out of the question because it’s too cold, too much work, or just not your style? Here are a few ways to get rid of your junk with minimal time and effort:

Curb alert – Just put it all on your curb. People will take almost ANYTHING. Furniture and outdoor kids toys are sure bets, but we’ve had luck with mismatched cups, used sewing patterns, broken electronics, etc. Putting an alert on Craigslist or through a community like Freecycle will help too.

Drive through – Load up everything in your car and drive to Goodwill or another charity thrift shop. Many times they will even unload it for you and give you a donation receipt for your taxes.  To get a headstart, use this site to locate your nearest Goodwill.

Truck pickup – Call or go online to schedule a pickup with an organization such as the Vietnam Veterans of America, or the Lupus Foundation. They come around fairly often and will take a surprising variety of odd items.  Even better: You can leave the items outside (weather permitting) and don’t need to be home when they come.

Online consignment – If you’ve got high quality clothing, try a consignment site like Twice or ThreadUp. They send you a
prepaid shipping bag, you load it up with items on their approved list, then get a check in the mail a few
weeks later, whether or not the items have sold.


Photo credit: William C. Hutton Jr. via photopin cc


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