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Infographic: How Do Tiny Home Dwellers Stack Up?

When it comes to tiny houses, a lot of people ask, “Who actually lives in those things?”  A North Carolina writer and tiny home builder set out to find the answer, and has created an interesting infographic about the people who live in tiny homes. Ryan Mitchell, editor of, wrote a post on the…

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Small-living Advocate Jay Shafer Plans a Tiny House Village

Small-living advocate Jay Shafer wowed the world and fueled the Tiny House movement with his frugally small, 89-square foot home on wheels.  Now, the founder of Tumbleweed Tiny House Co. is hoping to provide a sense of community for people who live in tiny homes, with a new village proposed for development in Northern  California.…

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Downsizing: How much space do you need?

Before you downsize, consider this question:  How much space do you need?  The answer will vary from person to person, but the important thing to remember is that has nothing to do with how much stuff you have. When you’re reevaluating your space, you should base the decision on your lifestyle needs, and not your…

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