Infographic: How Do Tiny Home Dwellers Stack Up?

Infographic: How Do Tiny Home Dwellers Stack Up?

When it comes to tiny houses, a lot of people ask, “Who actually lives in those things?”  A North Carolina writer and tiny home builder set out to find the answer, and has created an interesting infographic about the people who live in tiny homes.

Ryan Mitchell, editor of, wrote a post on the average American — how much money they save, what they owe, and how we Americans stack up against other nations.  Pretty cool stuff.

Then he and other bloggers conducted a survey of tiny home dwellers to see how they stack up, asking questions about age, income levels, savings, debt and whether they own or rent their tiny home.  According to Mitchell, the survey got such great response that he decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to turn the results into an Infographic about the tiny house movement.

Among the more interesting points of Mitchell’s research:  Tiny house dwellers have a slightly higher per capita income than the average American, and they report having more savings and less credit card debt.  For the full results, check out the tiny house infographic here.

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