Deck the halls with minimalist Christmas decor for small spaces

Deck the halls with minimalist Christmas decor for small spaces

It’s that time of year again, when everyone’s hauling boxes of Christmas decorations out of their attic — the artificial tree, the giant plastic Santas…Wait, you don’t have an attic?  No room to store boxes of decor?  Don’t worry — minimalist Christmas decorations for small spaces are an easy thing to master.

Live trees come in all shapes and sizes (including small) and they don’t need to be stored year-round.   In our home, space is limited, so I put out a small porcelain tree that we dress up with a tree skirt made of glittery fabric.  If you have ornaments but no tree, hang them with ribbon from the ceiling or the banister.

If you want that pine smell but don’t have the space (or the money) for a live tree, get your hands on some pine branches.  Home improvement stores or tree lots often give the tree cuttings away for free, and with some wire and a ribbon bow, you can create a wreath.   Check out our Pinterest board for more cool decor ideas made from pine branches.

Don’t overlook natural items for holiday decor.  Find pine cones outdoors or paint twigs with white glitter for a centerpiece.  Try fresh cranberries in a vase, or recreate the paper chains kids used to make in elementary school.

Use ribbon to decorate both indoors and out. It can be reused year after year, and takes minimal space to store.

When it comes to lights, consider utility.  Colored lights are basically relegated to one time of year, but white can be used year-round during parties, or to spruce up the back yard.   Same thing goes for linens.   You can create a holiday ambiance on your table with natural centerpieces, instead of special Christmas linens that must be stored.

And finally, move beyond visual decorations to music and scent.   Nothing says Christmas like Bing Crosby crooning in the background.   Holiday-scented candles can also encourage a festive mood —  just be sure to choose smaller ones so you use them up in one season.

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