Decluttering with the Rule of Thirds

Decluttering with the Rule of Thirds

Today, I’m drawing my decluttering inspiration from Joshua Becker, author of the blog Becoming Minimalist.

Joshua has a great post on how to stage your home for everyday living.   It is based on the principles he’s learned from staging homes for sale.  The top tip?  Remove a third of the possessions from your home.  It makes the house look more spacious and inviting — and who doesn’t want that?

“This may be easier if you were actually moving (natural purging almost always takes place during transition), but if you wouldn’t take it with you when you moved, why let it take up space in your life today?” Becker writes.

The advice got me to look at my belongings in a new way.  What if I had one-third less shoes?  Got rid of one out of three products in the bathroom? Reduced the old condiments in the refrigerator from 15 to 10?  Cut the stack of paperwork on the desk by a third?

The beauty in this is that a third is pretty manageable.  You don’t have to work your way through all the clutter, making a decision on every item.  Getting started is as simple as taking a group of three items and saying, ‘Can I do without just one of these?’

Let’s play by the rule of thirds.  Are you in?  Reply below with the three items you considered and which one you chose to declutter.


Photo Credit: Horia Varlan via photopin cc

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