The Declutter Challenge…starting Jan. 1!

The Declutter Challenge...starting Jan. 1!

Are you hoping to transform your home in the new year?  Do you want to declutter and get organized?

Join us for Tiny Living’s Declutter Challenge, starting January 1.  No more procrastinating  — it’s time to pare down your possessions, clear the clutter and make peace with your stuff.  Spread the word and invite a friend or two for 31 days of decluttering fun.

At TinyLiving, we know small homes can be particularly prone to clutter.  So we’ll have a new challenge every day that’s guaranteed to help you make progress in the battle.  You can join TinyLiving on Facebook for the moral support you need, and to make sure you don’t miss a single post.

Check back Wednesday for our first challenge.  Stay tuned to TinyLiving for the entire month of January to get a stress-free living environment by February 1.


Photo pattern courtesy of: melstampz via photopin cc

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