Declutter Challenge Day 8: Baby, it’s cold outside

Declutter Challenge Day 8:  Baby, it's cold outside

One of the best motivation for decluttering is to know that someone else can benefit from an item that you are not using.

This week, frigid weather is consuming most of the U.S.  As I type this, it’s -12 in Minnesota, and 9 degrees in New York City.  Even places that aren’t used to dealing with the cold are shivering: 30 degrees in New Orleans, 37 in Texas.  And some people face that cold without the benefit of a warm coat, or a hat, or gloves.

So today’s decluttering challenge is also a do-gooder challenge.  Go through your coat closet and remove any that you can do without.  Take the ones that are in clean condition and drop them off at a shelter.  (You can check to find one near you, but call first to make sure they are taking donations.)

If you don’t have a shelter near you, churches often have a way to get items into the hands of those who need them.  And if you’re not in an area affected by the cold, you can still help your local organizations prepare for weather to come.

Thanks for decluttering with us — and for keeping somebody warm this week.


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Photo pattern courtesy of: melstampz via photopin cc

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