Declutter Challenge Day 9: Food.

Declutter Challenge Day 9:  Food.

The pantry and the fridge are perhaps the most dynamic areas in the house. They’re always changing – food comes in, food goes out.

That’s the way it’s supposed to work, but it doesn’t always go that smoothly. Today we’re going to focus on the food that’s violating the rules by camping out indefinitely in your pantry.

Start by checking the labels on dry goods and cans.  Get rid of anything that’s expired, or stale.  Then, consider whether you’re hanging on to anything that didn’t work out. (We’re talking to you, canned asparagus).  Next, think about how the items fit in with your lifestyle. If you’ve switched to whole wheat pasta, don’t hang on to boxes of white pasta. If you’ve set a goal to eat healthy, declutter the excess junk food from your kitchen cabinets.

Throw the expired items in the trash.  Donate whatever is still good.

After you finish the dry goods, move to the fridge, especially the condiments.  How old is your salad dressing? Have you had that mayonnaise for more than a year?

And finally, if you’re looking for a way to use up items in the cabinets or the fridge, consider a website like, which helps you find recipes for items you have on hand.  Now that we think about it, asparagus with parmesan doesn’t sound all that bad…

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