Declutter Challenge Day 11: Hit the Gym

Declutter Challenge Day 11:  Hit the Gym

It’s January, and lots of folks are making resolutions about getting in shape.  Chances are, you’ve got at least one piece of exercise equipment that’s going unused in your home.

A stationary bike?  A balance ball?  The dreaded Ab Roller?

Here’s today’s decluttering challenge:  If you don’t use that piece of equipment by the end of the day, out the door it goes.   No excuses — if you haven’t been using it, that means it isn’t working for you.

Exercise equipment is particularly hard to declutter because it’s often expensive and it’s generally bought to reach a specific fitness goal.   Oftentimes, we beat ourselves up with regret or guilt when these items go unused.  But just because you get rid of an item doesn’t mean you’re giving up on fitness — and keeping that unused albatross in the corner of the dining room won’t magically make you fit.  (Hard truths here, we know.)

If a piece of fitness equipment isn’t working for you, clear it out.  You just might make room for a new source of inspiration to enter your life.


**Decluttering tip:  Bulky fitness equipment is a good thing to sell locally, on a site like Craigslist.  LifeEdited has a great primer on how to sell items on Craigslist.**

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