Declutter Challenge Day 12: Kids’ stuff

Declutter Challenge Day 12:  Kids' stuff

Today, we have an expert to help us with decluttering kids’ stuff.   He has numerous credentials.  First, he is actually a kid.   He is 7 years old and has lots of toys, including Legos.   Second, his mom is participating in our declutter challenge, so he has experience with decluttering.

Ethan’s going to provide us with his top 3 tips for helping children declutter their things.

1.  Do a 10-minute clean-up.  You set a timer for 10 minutes and try to clean up as much as you can in one room.    It’s fun for kids.

2.  Offer a reward.   Don’t offer things, because that’s what we’re trying to declutter.  Instead, take them someplace as a reward for reaching their decluttering goal.  For example, mini-golf, the park, the movies, or swimming.   Ethan’s 4-year-old brother says a llama would be a good reward, or a trophy.Kids Stuff Lopsang

3.  When you decide to sell things, let your kid get the money.  Ethan’s mom participated in a consignment sale for kids’ items, and they made $100.   Ethan will get the money from his  toys that sold.

Finally, don’t be sad when you have to get rid of things.  You’re making room for new  items that you might like better.


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