Declutter Challenge Day 14: Handbags and backpacks

Declutter Challenge Day 14:  Handbags and backpacks

Today’s declutter challenge comes from one of our participants, who, after losing her keys inside her own bag, remarked:  We need to declutter our handbags next.

So today, take the opportunity to declutter your purse, your backpack, your briefcase or whatever else you use to keep and carry your personal items.  Beyond peace of mind, there are health benefits to decluttering your bag.  Carrying heavy purses or backpacks can cause stress on your spine and back muscles, leading to headaches and tension.

Start by removing junk:  Old receipts, tissues, general trash.  Next, remove duplicates (two chapsticks? five pens?).  Then, scrutinize what you have left and decide whether you need to be hauling it with you everywhere you go.

Finally, think about what you need on a regular basis that isn’t in your purse.  Aspirin?  Wet wipes?  A charger? Add those to your mix.

If you switch bags regularly, consider an organizer that can hold your essentials and be moved from bag to bag.  By keeping your cell phone, wallet, keys and other essentials in one place, you can easily switch bags without having reorganize.  These products come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so check the dimensions to be sure you’re getting one that fits your needs.

What are your everyday essentials?  Do you have organizing tactics that work for you?  Share them in the comments.

**Need motivation? Visit our Facebook page. Our community of fellow declutterers can help you decide to what to keep and what to ditch. **

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