Declutter Challenge Day 19: Phone it in

Declutter Challenge Day 19:  Phone it in

Ah, your phone.  Its battery drains faster than a spiked punch bowl at prom,  and its screen is full of essential apps like Fruit Ninja and Bejeweled Blitz.

It’s time to declutter it.  Electronic clutter eats up memory, slows down your device, and is flat out annoying when you’re trying to find something.

Save on phone memory and battery life by deleting apps you aren’t using.  Boost your battery by turning off push notifications and location services.  Take the time to delete any unnecessary text messages, and go through your photos to delete duplicate shots or accidental pictures of your leg.  If you’ve been hanging onto a photo you know your best friend would love, take action and email it to him or her.

Next, back up the good stuff.  Find out how with this Android tutorial from PCMag or with these back-up instructions from Apple for iPhone users.

Nokia suggests using the cloud for your document and photo storage, with services like Dropbox, SkyDrive or Evernote. You can store photos and files there and access them from any device, including your phone.  The great thing about cloud storage is that if your device gets stolen, you won’t lose all your photos.

If you have a little time and some technical know-how, Lifehacker has great tutorials on how to “spring clean” your phone, for both Android phones and iPhones.  They give you a step-by-step on how to manage your memory and boost your battery life.

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Photo credit: flying_tiger via photopin cc

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