Declutter Challenge Day 21: Food storage

Declutter Challenge Day 21:  Food storage

For today’s challenge, declutter your food storage containers.  Whether they’re Tupperware, Rubbermaid or Chinese take-out, chances are you’ve got some you can spare.

Start with the easy targets: Get rid of anything that doesn’t have a lid, and any lids that don’t have bottoms. Eliminate stained or dirty containers. If take-out came in it, chances are you can ditch it without serious repercussions.

Then, evaluate the number of food storage containers you have. Do you really need that many? Are there simpler products to use?

If you use multiple containers to pack lunches, consider switching to a more streamlined approach. We use the Bento Box by Laptop Lunches. It keeps your lunch containers organized in a slim case, makes packing lunch a breeze and even helps with portion control.  (A note of warning: The primary-colored one could prompt merciless teasing from co-workers.  This may or may not be based on personal experience.)

Finally, consider the quality of your food storage containers.  Do you want to switch to glass containers so leftovers can go straight into the oven?  Are you ready to recycle your mismatched containers and get a cohesive set?  If you’re looking for something new, consider a nesting set like this to help you tame the food storage jungle.

Do you have other methods that work? Share them in the comments.

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