Declutter Challenge Day 24: The guest room

Declutter Challenge Day 24:  The guest room

Guest bedrooms can become a haven for all the junk that has no place else to live.  So if you have one, it’s important to declutter the guest room well before you are expecting guests — or a visit on short notice will turn into a situation for stress.

There are likely a lot of items that you can get rid of in the guest room, because if those things were playing a crucial role in your life, they wouldn’t be stashed away there in the first place.  When you start, scan the room for big items that can be eliminated immediately and move them out of the room.

To declutter the guest room, separate items out based on whether they actually belong there.  Home decor store HomeGoods suggests creating four boxes to wrangle guest room clutter:  Stays in Room, Belongs Elsewhere, Trash/Recycle and Donate.   Using that system, spend 20 minutes going through the room to try to sort out what’s there and remove what doesn’t belong.

Nothing clutters up a small room like too much furniture, and guest rooms are like retirement homes for old furnishings.  Are you keeping dressers or desks to store clutter that could be eliminated?  Declutter whatever is inside and get rid of them.

Finally, try to clear out at least one drawer that your guests can use when they come to visit, so they don’t have to live out of a suitcase.  You might also include a little basket with fancy toiletries, a spare toothbrush, aspirin and a bottle of water.  And check out this idea of framing the wi-fi password and leaving it out for guests.  So nice not to have to ask!

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