Declutter Challenge Day 28: Calendar Clutter

Declutter Challenge Day 28: Calendar Clutter

Not all the clutter we face is “stuff.” Today we’ll tackle one of the biggest non-physical items: Your calendar.

The first step is to take a good, hard look at your schedule. Do you really need to volunteer for the bake sale AND the book fair? Should you have said yes to both of those dinner parties? Going forward, only agree to commitments that are truly important to you, and remember that your time is a precious commodity. Also, keep in mind that it’s important to schedule downtime too.

Once you’ve eliminated some of the calendar clutter, consider how you’d really like to spend your time. Should you schedule time for a walk? A date night with your spouse? Here at TinyLiving we are trying out a weekly Family Game Night. Our first Monopoly game as a family gave us a chance to slow down and truly enjoy each other’s company.

Your next task is to keep the things you do want to do organized. This can get tricky, especially if you’ve got multiple family members to coordinate. There are lots of options, but we like  Cozi – an internet based calendar with apps for Apple and Android so you can use it on your device or your computer. Each family member has their own color in the calendar and can enter appointments. Some school or sports team schedules can be downloaded automatically.

Cozi also has built in grocery and to-do lists that can be viewed by multiple family members. We think the reminder features are great; you can set a reminder for a specific appointment and/or get a weekly email that summarizes the schedule for that week. We use a basic version of the app, which is free. One with more advanced features is available for a fee.

How do you declutter your calendar?   What tips do you use for keeping commitments under control?

**Need motivation? Visit our Facebook page. Our community of fellow declutterers can help you decide to what to keep and what to ditch. **

Photo Credit: Planet of Success via photopin cc

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