Declutter Challenge Day 29: Buying intentionally

Declutter Challenge Day 29:  Buying intentionally

It’s pretty easy, and pretty cheap, to acquire tons of stuff in our modern world.

Some of it you get for free.  Some it sneaks into your cart, almost without you realizing it, at the latest and greatest Big Box Store.  Much of that stuff turns into clutter that we later regret.

As you go forward with your decluttering journey, consider the things you buy, and whether they’ll add long-term value to your life or just become clutter a few months from now.  Go with the quality versus quantity approach:  Buy one very good quality item versus several cheap items of poor quality.

A great resource for finding quality items is the “Buy It For Life”  thread on Reddit.  If you don’t use Reddit, it can take some getting used to, but basically, you can post questions to a community of people and get great responses based on their experience.  Need a new set of pots and pans? Ask the forum users whether they think the set you’re looking is “BIFL” (buy it for life).   Or just throw out the fact that you need a new set and see what they suggest.

With 105,000 users who participate in the BIFL forum, you can ask about pretty much anything and get feedback on whether it provides bang for the buck.  But don’t be surprised if they suggest an item that’s more expensive than the one you had in mind.  Acquiring quality items isn’t cheap, and that’s the point:  If forces you to be intentional about your purchases and to only get what you need.

If you want to explore this idea more, check out this New  York Times article by Carl Richard, a certified financial planner in Park City, Utah.  He makes the case for saving up and spending a little bit more on items you’ll cherish, instead of settling for so-so items that won’t be satisfying in the long run.


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