TinyLiving Spaces: LifeEdited apartment

TinyLiving Spaces: LifeEdited apartment

Who doesn’t love a transforming apartment that puts Optimus Prime and his buddies to shame?

Here’s the highlight reel of the 420-square-foot apartment by LifeEdited: a pull-down bed, hidden projector and screen, micro-sized kitchen appliances and a hideaway table with seating for 10.  Perhaps the coolest feature is a moving wall that reveals a guest bedroom with two pull-down bunks.

The apartment even has an acoustic, noise-blocking door for the bathroom. These guys thought of just about everything.

So who came up with this ingenious idea? Two Romanian architecture students, Catalin Sandu and Adrian Iancu, submitted the winning design to a competition that garnered more than 300 responses.  Their design was used as an input by the architect of record, David Bucovy.

Graham Hill, founder of LifeEdited, said he wants to build LifeEdited apartment buildings across the U.S., and the company is working with developers in several cities.  You can track the progress by signing up for the LifeEdited newsletter.

While the video caption below says the apartment is 350 square feet, it’s actually 420.  (Those extra 70 sf matter!):

Photo Credit: Matthew Williams for LifeEdited

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