10 ways to maximize storage in a small home

10 ways to maximize storage in a small home

We love small spaces.  But sometimes, storage envy creeps up on us.

When we start to covet our neighbors’ closets, it’s time to remind ourselves that with a little creativity, we can solve the space crunch.  Here are our top 10 ways to maximize storage in a small home:

1) Use suitcases for more than just trips. When you’re not traveling, store out-of-season clothes, bedding or other items.

2) Position your bed or dresser a few inches from the wall and use the space behind to store things out of sight. We have a spare bike wheel behind the dresser.  If you move frequently, the TV box can stay behind the bed.

3) Make coolers do double duty by keeping paper plates and other picnic supplies in them. Living in a hurricane-prone area, we keep storm supplies in ours.

4) If you have a gap between the fridge and the wall, create a mini pantry. Or, use that space to store slender items, like mops and brooms.

5) If bathroom storage is in short supply, consider how you can use the dead space around the toilet.

6) If you have bulky items that aren’t used often (coats, bedding, etc.), get a trunk instead of a dresser. The wide open space is offers more potential than dresser drawers, which are best for frequently used items that you want to keep divided and organized.

7) Choose ottomans or coffee tables with built-in storage.

8) Consider using the trunk of your car to store items that are used outside the home, like beach chairs or sporting equipment. Just remember that adding too many heavy items will reduce your fuel efficiency.

9) Nest pots and pans inside one another. Shelf liner is great for keeping pots from scratching one another when they’re stacked.

10) Use all the space under the bed. Mom’s not checking to see what you hid under there — and this is valuable real estate. Under-the-bed boxes can help keep things looking tidy.

Do you have small-space storage solutions?  Share them in the comments.

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