Small Space Furniture

Small Space Furniture: The Living Cube

Ah, small space furniture — it never ceases to amaze us.  The latest standout is the “Living Cube,” created by Swiss designer Till Könneker and carpenter Remo Zimmerli.  With a host of functions in one unit, it’s the ultimate storage solution for a small studio apartment. Könneker designed the Living Cube to help with his own…

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Small Space Products: Stakmore Expandable Table & Chairs

Dinner party in a small space?  It’s possible with Stakmore’s expanding table and elegant folding chairs.   This solid piece of furniture folds out to the size of a real dining room table, while still tucking conveniently away when company heads home for the night. With 3-in-1 flexibility, Stakmore’s table is a good option for a…

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IKEA Hackers: Taking IKEA’s Small Space Furniture to the Next Level

If you’ve got a small space challenge, chances are the folks at IKEA Hackers have a solution. The website is a community of IKEA shoppers who tinker with the Swedish retailer’s creations to come up with the perfect fit, the storage solution on steroids, or just a creative way to solve a problem.  Think of…

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